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The HarborPay mobile payment solution allows you to use your Apple® iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone or tablet device to process payments securely and in real-time over any wireless network. With a free audio jack reader and easy-to-use mobile app, HarborPay transforms your everyday smartphone into a complete wireless credit card terminal. Perfect for delivery businesses, contractors or any other business that operates on the go, this solution allows you to take advantage of card-present rates while away from the storefront.



Mobile Reporting


You can manage inventory, menus, accounts, terminals, transactions, and funds from the office or home using the HarborPay reporting portal.



EMV Chip Cards


HarborPay supports EMV chip cards for enhanced security. Chip cards include an embedded microprocessor that provides powerful security features not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards. Merchants who don’t accept EMV payments may incur increased liability for chargebacks. With Harbortouch, you can future-proof your business and keep your payments secure!




Mobile Payments


HarborPay supports near field communications (NFC) technology so that your customers can simply wave their smartphone to pay with Apple PayTM, Android PayTM or other mobile wallets. The number of NFC enabled phones is growing at an astounding rate and an increasing number of consumers are using their phones to pay. With cutting-edge mobile payment solutions, Harbortouch makes sure you aren’t turning away customers because you don’t accept their preferred form of payment.

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